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Who doesn't need a hero to save them every once in a while? This list ranks the best songs about heroes, and includes music from every genre you can think of.
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That's where I always found faith and spirit. I found them down in those things, not some place intangible or some place abstract. And I've really tried to write about that basic idea my whole life. Springsteen lives with his wife and E Street Band backup singer , Patti Scialfa, and their three children in a 19th-century farmhouse in Monmouth County.

It's surrounded by former corn and soybean fields that will, in the next few growing seasons, be converted to organic crops; a barn holds a demo studio.

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Springsteen's wood-paneled living room, where he has also done some recording, has a large fireplace with antique clocks on the mantelpiece and a comfortable assortment of Arts and Crafts furniture and stuffed chairs. Wearing a pale shirt, corduroy pants, black boots and a St. Christopher medal -- the former patron saint of travelers no longer recognized by the Roman Catholic Church, disenfranchised like a Springsteen character -- Mr.

Springsteen sipped a beer and spoke proudly about ''The Rising. It's the true nature of work in the sense that you're filling a place.

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And that place comes with its blessings and its responsibilities. By Sept. Springsteen didn't consider it finished enough for prime time; instead, he sang ''My City of Ruins,'' a song written before Sept. All four songs appear on ''The Rising. Springsteen called ''genesis songs'': they triggered others. Then you start to tell a story. And finally the story begins saying, 'I'd like this emotional ground covered or that emotional ground covered. Springsteen added. And then all of a sudden, boom!

You hit one. On a table sat a blue spiral-bound Mead notebook, with a handwritten label reading ''Work Book'' and a sticker with a picture of an eagle from Exile Cycles, a custom motorcycle builder in Sun Valley, Calif. It held, in its handwritten pages, the making of ''The Rising,'' starting with a page of potential song titles, including keepers like ''Into the Fire'' and nonstarters like ''Hard Drive. The last pages are sequences of songs for the finished album.

Springsteen has stacks of these books; after all, he has been making albums for Columbia for 30 years. He made his reputation as a bar-band trouper inventing an irresistible persona: the scruffy, romantic Jersey guy who loved girls, cars and the possibility of escape. After he became a national figure with ''Born to Run'' in , he turned to bleak parables and songs about other people: the runaway husband in ''Hungry Heart,'' the hard-luck prisoner in ''Johnny 99,'' the shattered Vietnam veteran in ''Born in the U.

Springsteen said. The classic, the sort of iconic rock story was those early records. So he chose to write about the unglamorous workaday world. Those elements are where the blood and the grit of real life mixes with people's spiritual aspirations and their search for just, decent lives. His album ''Nebraska,'' originally intended as four-track demo recordings on cassettes, told desolate stories in raw, low-fi form. Then he hit his mass-market peak with ''Born in the U. His songs on albums like ''Tunnel of Love'' turned inward, pondering love gone wrong.

His first marriage, to the actress Julianne Phillips fell apart; he also decided to part ways with the E Street Band.

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After marrying Ms. Scialfa in , the year after his son Evan James was born, he took up storytelling again, but with a new austerity. For ''The Ghost of Tom Joad'' in he set tales of workers and immigrants to quiet, folky guitar. He toured alone, playing an acoustic guitar. And he wondered if he would ever rock again. Then I made a series of demos, kind of in search of that voice. And I was having a hard time finding it. And there was a point I said: 'Well, gee, maybe I just don't do that now.

Maybe that's something that I did. Getting back together with the E Street Band, first to record three songs for his ''Greatest Hits'' collection and then for a world tour that began in , changed his mind. He realized he missed arena-scale rock. I don't think so.

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  • They want you to come out and do it for me one more time. While you could say on one hand that's kind of an unreasonable question, on the other hand, is it really? That's kind of why you've set yourself up. It was like, there's that voice I was looking for.

    Springsteen has made albums since the early 's, when he began producing them with his manager, Jon Landau, and then his engineer, Chuck Plotkin, and the E Street Band's guitarist Steve Van Zandt. Brendan had all my references so I could refer back to something from or And then he had the following 10 and 20 years.

    While many of the songs use Mr. Springsteen's favorite opening chords -- the major-to-relative minor change that pervades doo-wop -- Mr. O'Brien subtly reconfigured the E Street Band. He brought guitars forward instead of keyboards, found ways for Mr. Springsteen to sing without shouting and slipped a country fiddle or a gospel choir into some arrangements. The songs reach back to rural blues ''Into the Fire'' and roadhouse rock ''Further on up the Road'' , or they might use tape-looped drums alongside pealing, U2-style guitar ''The Fuse''.

    In ''Worlds Apart,'' a soldier in what could be Afghanistan falls in love with a local woman; the song mixes the E Street Band with a Pakistani group that sings qawwali, mystical Islamic songs. When the E Street Band sounds most like its old self, in ''Mary's Place,'' it's for a song about returning to a familiar haunt, with lyrics that also hint at Mr.

    Springsteen's delight in his old band: ''Familiar faces all around me,'' he sings. And I think vice versa.

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    This is what my band is built for. We're built better for, I think, when the cards are down. If any topic could provide a soundtrack for Readers Recommend, last week's strangers theme might just be it. Songs celebrating the kindness of strangers, the curiously profound discussions that take place between strangers, and the handing down of experience from old to young, all felt relevant to what goes on here each week. In terms of my admiration for all participants' magnificent musical knowledge and usually impeccable tastes, this week's theme, hero worship, is no less apposite.

    Strangers presented so many possible avenues of discussion that there wasn't room in the A-list or column to follow all of them. I always think something has gone very wrong when the song that is not only most donded, but also the one I listen to most while sifting through the recommendations and choosing the Top 10, doesn't make the final cut. This was one of those weeks: Barbara Lewis's Hello Stranger unlike Mainy, I prefer her sweet-toned original is horribly absent. What madness prompted me to put the Partridge Family in instead, I cannot say.

    Except that sourpus's post about them grew more enjoyable with every reading, and the song absolutely stood up to his assessment. Special thanks to ejaydee for introducing me to Moustaki: as far as I'm concerned, there is nothing not to like about a Greek guy born in Egypt singing chanson through a big fat beard. My other favourite discovery this week was linguistic rather than musical: thanks to DaddyPig for inspiring me to pull out my Greek dictionary for the first time in ages and look up the word "xenos". It not only taught me something else I didn't know about my parents' language, it helped me formulate the opening paragraph of the column.

    So double cheers.