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Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online The Monster In My Grandmothers Attic file PDF Book.
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Art Pearson Regan Young Lee Pearson Doris Roberts Nana Rose Pearson Robert Hoffman Ricky Dillman Kevin Nealon Stuart Pearson Gillian Vigman Nina Pearson Andy Richter Uncle Nathan Pearson Tim Meadows Sheriff Doug Armstrong Melise Julie as Malese Jow Megan Parker Brooke Maggie VandenBerghe Annie Filkins Doug MacMillan Police Radio Dispatch Warren Paeff Radio Announcer Thomas Haden Church Tazer voice Josh Peck Sparks voice J.

Skip voice Kari Wahlgren Razor voice Ashley Peldon Additional Voice voice Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Josh Richart Vangala Manoj As they approach the altar, the youngest daughter, Carrie Lindsay Parker , quizzically looks at the flower girl, perhaps wondering why this stranger has taken her place in such a sacred family ceremony.

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Cathy and Chris confront her mother in front of the crowd, revealing that Corrine intended for them to never leave the attic, as any discovery of children from her previous marriage would result in her inheritance being taken away. Just barely keeping her rising panic below the surface and maintaining her poker player coolness for just a while longer, Corrine denies she even knew her own son, let alone killed him.

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Although it was not the ending that Bloom or Tennant wanted to film another director was brought in to re-shoot the original ending—which included Grandmother trying to carve into the kids with a butcher knife—and a stunt double played Corrine during the balcony scuffle , this brutal conclusion to a brutal story has always seemed fitting to me, even if it does deviate from the source material. This retrospective is part of our Class of special features celebrating a wide range of genre films that were first released thirty years ago.

He assumes that his grandmother wrote the books and that she is a witch. George returns to his grandmother's room and tries without success to rouse her.

In Grandma's Attic

Thinking she must be dead, he runs to the phone to call the hospital. He then imagines the things he must do if she is dead, like covering her face and explaining the circumstances to the doctor.

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He returns to her room, even though he doesn't want to do so, to make sure she is dead. A gnarled hand reaches out and grabs him.

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Gramma opens one glowing red eye and glares at him. She draws him to her and embraces him, and tells him that he is her favorite, and they seem to merge into one being. George's mother returns and finds George sitting at the kitchen table with his grandmother's books.

He explains that Gramma died and he didn't know what to do. She tries to comfort him, but does not see that he now has glowing red eyes like Gramma. This episode is based on the short story of the same name by Stephen King , published in the collection Skeleton Crew The segment contains several references to the Cthulhu Mythos , including use of the names Cthulhu , Yog-Sothoth , and an appearance by the Necronomicon.

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