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Nowadays mated interaction and coordination [Trzec, and Lovrek this scheme is being alternated as a consequence of the , Trzec, Lovrek, and Mikac ]. Some of the advanced charging schemes to intelligently anticipate and adapt to their environment are the location-based and the content-based schemes. They require new mechanisms for collecting and process- Therefore, an intelligent software agent is an autonomous ing all the information related to the chargeable event program which acts on behalf of its principal while con- [Koutsopoulou et al. Intelligent software agents enable auto- service providers concerning the dynamic requirements mated process execution and coordination, thus creating that dominate on the mobile communication market added value for its principal.

Another popular trend is outsourcing of possess some intelligence grounded on its knowledge base, accounting and charging processes to specialized business reasoning mechanisms and learning capabilities. Depend- partners [van Le, van Beijnum, and Huitema ] to ing on an assignment of particular agent there are differ- avoid complicated charging architectures. It is very important to notice that the agent's with a certain quality of service QoS. Different layers and knowledge base does not contain static information.

Ad- aspects have to be taken in account to charge the user for versely, the agent continuously updates its owner profile the usage of these services. Additionally, the agent also updates know- 4. As stated awareness. Context-awareness describes the ability of the before, main actors of the service provisioning process in agent to provide results that depend on changing context 3G mobile networks are network operators, content pro- information [Bellavista et al.

An agent executes viders, independent software providers and users. Due to tasks autonomously without any interventions from its increased number of actors in the service provisioning principal, what makes it an invisible servant, just as Weiser process, one of the problems will be how to effectively envisioned [Weiser, and Brown ]. An agent must be charge mobile users for services in 3G mobile networks. An agent does not just react on exci- cation systems architecture includes different types of tations from its environment but is also taking initiatives nodes and mobile equipment.

Behaviours, location and coherent to its tasks. Efficient software agent colla- consideration during the service provisioning process. If an agent is capable of migrating between hetero- solution, which will help the operator to efficiently intro- geneous network-aware terminals interconnected through duce the new service to the users that will more likely ubiquitous 3G mobile network, this agent is called mobile desire to use it.

Important components of the presented architec- ture are described later, while the communication between 4. Automated Business-driven Service Provi- the main entities is described in Chapter 5. Software agent decisions are services. With the increased need for point-to-multipoint guided by the business strategies that reflect the changes in communication e.

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In 3GPP, the rules for the deployment of a new mobile service. They define or constraint some business aspect Center BM-SC entity is responsible for providing and www. In our multi-agent system delivering mobile broadcast services [Bakhuizen, and Horn we use action enabler rules.

They initiate an action after , Luby et al. The business rules contain all important 4. This multi-agent execution on mobile terminals, QoS and the time needed to system provides software component mobility where soft- execute the business strategy. The MA-RMS enables software accounts as well as the tariffs for the services that are of- delivery to the remote system, remote software installation fered to the users. It can provide Content and Event based and uninstallation, remote software starting and stopping, charging between the operator and the content providers remote execution of two software versions in selective or using its Service Charging Application Protocol SCAP parallel mode and remote versions replacement.

The flexible charging of multimedia services is exe- cuted according to defined service tariffs. Multi-agent system for automated service provisioning in the 3G mobile network The Provisioning portal provides interface towards user The Charging Manager Agent CMA serves as an inter- preferences, context information and device capability face towards the Charging Server. The CMA, after receiv- information.

The checking will be done according to the con- software upgrades on mobile terminals or not. The amount of messages that are sent to the CMA IMEI numbers that uniquely identify type of mobile determines the maximum number of strategies that need to terminals that are used by the users. The Terminal Profile be executed.

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Directory contains information about the characteristics of Since the message from the BMA contains the targeted mobile terminals from different vendors. Real-World Challenge: Automated Selec- files. This is shown in Figure 3.

This section presents a multi-agent approach to the auto- The CMA checks the received user accounts to see which mated selection of target users in a telecommunication users have enough money for a particular mobile service, surrounding. We propose a solution for solving a real- as shown if Figure 4. When all gies. Optimization is achieved by using the genetic algo- of the prerequisites of the business rules have been ful- rithm approach [Dumic et al.

After the content providers Business Charging Type of users and software suppliers release a new version of the soft- manager manager ware component for a particular type of a mobile terminal, 1. The announced ACL software component will not be retrieved from the software Provisioning 2.


ACL 5. ACL ready for execution. List of target users Fig. The parameters content type, location, time, QoS, user type are needed to find potential target users the Fig. Matching the targeted users list and starting the software users who really want the particular mobile service and are deployment process. It allows opera- users and sends a message with a list of those users their tors to automatically extract the list of potential users when IMSI numbers to the CMA as shown in Figure 5.

After receiving the final list of targeted users, the PMA will handle the process of service provisioning to those users. First, the SRA will Acknowledgments receive the list of software that needs to be bought from This work was carried out within the research project Software Suppliers. Conclusion Agent technology is imposed as a solution for the service provisioning problems in the 3G mobile networks.

MA- References RMS multi-agent system, which consists of intelligent and mobile agents, has provided an automation of service de- Lindemann, C.

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A ployment and configuration processes in the service execu- Unified Approach for Improving QoS and Provider Reve- tion environments for the 3G mobile networks. In this nue in 3G Mobile Networks. Mobile Networks and Appli- paper we proposed an extension of our multi-agent archi- cations 8: Advanced adaptability and profile management framework for the support of flexible mobile service provision. From service con- Business Provisioning figuration through performance monitoring to fault detec- 1.

ACL access services.

International Journal of Network Man- 3. In Proceedings 4. Antibes-Juan les Pins, France. Ericsson Charfi, A. In Fouial, O.

An Agent-Based Approach for Coordinated Multi-Provider Service Provisioning

Adaptive Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Service service provision in mobile computing environments. In oriented computing , New York, USA. Concept to Cash: Wiley Koutsopoulou, M. Jess in Action: Rule-based Systems in kos, L. Charging, accounting and Java: Manning Publications.

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User Study. Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, 11 1 , Towards a Transaction-Based Charging and Ac- In Trzec, K. In Proceedings of the 2nd Conference on Net- Nice, France. Sandvik is an engineering group in tooling, materials technology, mining and construction. Administrative Region is the construction industry known as Security of Payment Legislation.

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